We know choosing the right bed can be difficult, so here are a few points to think of when deciding:


What do you like or dislike about your current bed?

Think about the sort of bed you would like.
Firm, medium or soft (or even in between).


Most beds are available in different sizes.

Please consider your room dimensions when choosing your bed.


Would you like additional storage space in your home?

If so, consider the option of under-bed storage. This does not affect comfort or quality.


Are you able to turn a mattress?

Remember mattresses are heavy!

Most mattresses need to be turned regularly to ensure even wear.


Walsall Beds have a wide range of beautiful single and double beds, hand selected from our choice of trusted, top quality bed manufacturers.

Our collection of wooden, faux leather, fabric and metal beds are all designed to give you a great night's sleep in maximum comfort, so you can feel great when you wake up.

Please take a look below to view a selection of the beds we have on offer at our showroom.

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A Selection Of Brands We Stock